The Quick and Dirty Guide To Drinking Wine In One Day

If you are not confident enough to waltz into a store and buy your first bottle of wine after reading this book, I will refund you! No more cringe worthy moments in the wine section for you and awkward smiles when people bring up the topic of wine.

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What Wine Would You Date?

Not sure what kind of wine you would like to try? This guide gets you exploring different types of wine the way you would different types of lovers.

How To Read Those Damn Labels

Not sure how to read wine labels? It's easier than you think. Never feel intimidated in the wine section ever again.

How To Drink And Serve Wine?

Not sure what to do with the wine once you get it home? As long as you have glasses, a fridge and a timer, you'll be good to go!

Wine Lovers Rejoice!

Are you tired of being the only one in your circles who really understands and appreciates wine? Hell, are you tired of hearing about how complicated wine is, when it's really simple to enjoy? Buy in bulk! Get everyone you love a copy and end your suffering.

Start Exploring Wine Today!

Download our free & simple wine journey map and ease your way into drinking wine without traumatizing your taste buds. Move from light pink wines, to deep and rich reds at your own pace.

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Learn the Lingo

Learn to pronounce the names of different types of wine and never feel left out of a conversation on wine every again.

Wine Based Cocktails Anyone?

Have some left over wine? Yes, that's a real thing. Sometimes you try a bottle of wine and you just don't like it- don't let it go to waste! This book contains simple cocktail recipes that need 5 ingredients or less.

About The Author

I am a wine enthusiast and a bit of wine snob. I wrote this book for people who want to get to know more about wine, but feel intimidated by it. After countless conversations with friends and family about how complex the wine world seems to be, I decided to throw my hat into the wine book ring and make wine more relatable.

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