Made me want to get out and buy wine!

As a novice to wine I found it entertaining, engaging, quirky, insightful, helpful, easy to read, easy to relate, for non-wine drinkers like myself, it had that speaking to me voice which I liked, I’m totally trying out the pinot grigio. It would make an awesome gift! I want three copies.
Nikita Parbhoo, Book Store Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finished!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel a lot more informed about wine and learned a bunch of new things. I especially enjoyed the sections about each wine individually. There are times when the author’s tone comes across a little extra harsh. I know that's kind of the point so maybe a little more encouragement after calling people out for their lack of knowledge? I enjoyed the quotes and the layout.
Brie L, Call Center Manager

It's not condescending like most wine books

I love it. It's simple effective, and it's not condescending like most wine books. It's gives people a perspective and basic guidelines without having to read so much information.
Lisa M, Hotel Channel Liason Manager

I’ve learned so much

This is a super brilliant book! – I’ve learned so much. I really enjoyed reading it. The writing style is brilliant and really easy to follow. It keeps the reader engaged. Love the quotes! This is definitely needed! .
Katie Fremantle, London Evening Standard

Sharp wit that invites you to have a laugh at yourself

What a hilarious, truly refreshing and somewhat intoxicating read! Nikkye writes with a kind of sharp wit that invites you to have a laugh at yourself while empowering you to learn while being entertained. For someone like me who is constantly surrounded by seasoned wine connoisseurs but who herself knows sweet little about wine.
Emma Obita, Project Manager

Very down to earth and to the point

Wonderful read! Very down to earth and to the point , from the first page. Written in a way even a none wine drinker could enjoy and learn alot . A must buy in my view.
Tony, contributor at Grapes Crushed